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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Spalink, D., N. Karimi, J.H. Richards, T. Thein, E. Eifler, A. DiNicola, L. Schomaker, K.A. McCulloh, T.J. Givnish. 2022. Passive seed dispersal, strong genetic structure, and small spatial scale of gene flow associated with morphological divergence in the desert winter annual, Eschscholtzia parishii: potential implications for rapid small-scale speciation. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society (accepted).

Richards, J.H. and E.I. Damschen. 2022. Leaf economics in a three-dimensional environment: Testing leaf trait responses in epiphytes to land use, climate, and tree position. Functional Ecology.

Waller, D.M., A.K. Paulson, J.H. Richards, K.L. Amatangelo, S.E. Johnson, D. Li, G. Sonnier, and R.H. Toczydlowski. 2021. Functional trait data for vascular plant species from northeastern North America. Ecology,

Richards, J. H., I.M. Torrez-Luna, A. Vargas. 2021. “A very noble crop”: Financial stability, access to knowledge, and personal values support conservation in shade-grown coffee farms. Sustainability.

Richards, J.H. 2021. Assessing the strength of climate and land use influences on montane epiphyte communities. Conservation Biology.

Richards, J. H., J.J. Henn, Q.M. Sorenson, M. Adams, D.D. Smith, K.A. McCulloh, T.J. Givnish. 2021. Mistletoes and their eucalypt hosts differ in the response of leaf functional traits to climatic moisture supply. Oecologia.

Richards, J. H., I.M. Torrez-Luna, and D. M. Waller. 2020. Tree longevity drives conservation value of shade coffee farms  for vascular epiphytes. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. doi: 10.1016/j.agee.2020.107025

Keeley, K.O., K.J. Wolz , K.I. Adams, J.H. Richards, E. Hannum , S. von Tscharner Fleming and S.J. Ventura. 2019. Multi-Party Agroforestry: Emergent Approaches to Trees and Tenure on Farms in the Midwest USA. Sustainability 11: 2449-2460.

Bonaccorso, F.J., J.R. Winkelmann, D. Shin, C.I. Agrawal, N. Aslami, C. Bonney, A. Hsu, P.E. Jekielek, A.K. Knox, S.J. Kopach, T.D. Jennings, J.R. Lasky, S. A. Menesale, J.H. Richards, J.A. Rutland, A.K. Sessa, L.  Zhaurova, and T.H. Kunz.  2007.  Evidence for exploitative competition: Comparative foraging behavior and roosting ecology of short-tailed fruit bats (Phyllostomidae).  Biotropica 39(2):249-256.

Popular Publications

Riibe, L. and J. Richards. 2019. OTS Course Unfurls a Passion for Tropical Ferns and Lycophytes. Fiddlehead Forum, April-June: 31-35.

Publications in Preparation

Richards, J.H., E. M. Gora, C. Guttierez, J.C. Burchfield, P.M. Bitzer, and S. P. Yanoviak. Tropical tree species differ in damage and mortality from lightning. Nature Plants (in review).

J.J. Beck and J.H. Richards. Trait-environment associations and microsites environmental conditions influence local plant distributions and diversity in a quartzite glade. Journal of Vegetation Science (in review).

Richards, J.H., S. McFarlane, K.T. Charton, A. Widell, M. Wyer, N.M. Haddad, E.I Damschen. Appalling lack of change in inclusivity of ecology texts (in prep).

Lawhorn, K.A., J.H. Richards, E. M. Gora, C. Guttierez, S.P. Yanoviak. Clean-up crews: Colonization of lightning-damaged sites by detritivores (in prep).

Paulson, A.K., J.J. Beck, J.H. Richards, R.H. Toczydlowski S. E. Johnson, D. Li, D.A. Rogers, K.M. Cameron, T.J. Givnish, K.J. Sytsma, D.M. Waller. Dimensions of temperate forest biodiversity: Long-term shifts in taxonomic, functional, and phylogenetic diversity (in prep).